101 Uplifiting Affirmations (Worth $87) at $0.00


I want to share with you a book that talks about the routines that will
fundamentally shape your life.

Yes, this is about the uplifting affirmations.

(Don’t worry, the book is free)

“101 Uplifting Affirmations” was written in a simple manner such that
it is light hearted to read, but yet compels you to take action towards
your success. This book is written by my friend, Hubert Koh and I have
asked him to give it to you guys for free.

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In the following book, you will find tips that will:

•    Manage your relationships and lead an awesome life!
•    Repeat affirmations that are tried and tested for a happy life!
•    Learn to dream bigger using the 10x Rule and stay laser focused on your goals!
•    Identify set points to correct and challenge your health and relationships status quo!