30 Sensational Solfeggio Music Downloads

30 Sensational Solfeggio Music Downloads



A sensational series of musical composition based on ancient mathematical scales and legendary frequencies…

The Solfeggio Sounds frequencies were often used in Gregorian Chants.
The special tone of the chants imparted enormous spiritual blessing when
sung and heard.

The six original Solfeggio frequencies and 4 additional solfeggio frequencies have
been analysed by physicists and musicians.  All agree that they constitute a
uniquely interrelated series of mathematically derived electromagnetic sound
frequencies. They do not correlate directly with any conventional notes within
known musical scales.  This has led some to suggest that the Solfeggio
Sounds are derived from the mystical “Music of the Spheres” and is the
basis of the legend of the “Lost Chord”.

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We have encoded the Solfeggio musical pieces with additional brainwave entrainment.

You can choose between alpha, theta or delta entrainment . The brainwave entrainment is achieved using the binaural effect. To get the maximum benefit from using binaural sound and the Solfeggio frequency you will need to use headphones or stereo speakers close to each ear. If you do not want to take advantage of the binaural brainwave entrainment you can listen to the music in the normal way and get the full benefit of the Solfeggio frequency.