Wouldn't it be great if you could reprogram your mind in the same way that you reprogram a computer...


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What are the 3 free downloads?

Attract Money Subliminal

Achieve a Healthy Weight Subliminal

Get Motivated Subliminal

What are Backward Command Subliminals?

An amazing combination of the 3D Mind Sync Hypnotic Technique® and the scientifically proven Backward Command Subliminal Process™

  • These programs are effective with or without headphones, in any environment: while watching TV, in the gym or while you sleep
  • Don't just think about being a better person any longer...just do it!
  • All of our downloads contain a guided induction to a deep hypnotic trance state. This is used in conjunction with the 3D Mind Sync Hypnotic Induction Suite ®.
  • When you have reached a deep hypnotic trance state you will begin to hear relevant subliminal suggestion in conventional form and in backward command form. You will hear affirmations spoken clearly in English.