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What's included in this package?

  • Isochiral Lucky Talisman

    Get the Famous Isochiral Lucky Talisman 
    Can luck be influenced and changed?  The simple answer is – yes.  At the sub-atomic level, quantum principles state that atomic interactions and properties can be described as waves.  In the most simplistic terms, good luck and bad luck are quantum distortions of these waves.  Using Isochiral Technology we have created a complex wave signature that can control these quantum interactions.  It can generate more good luck and diminish the bad luck.  Play the Lucky Talisman anywhere you need good luck.

  • Mind Sync Healing Manifestation

    This product contains the secret healing manifestation frequencies developed by the Mind Sync laboratories.  It can be used to heal yourself or others.  It can be used to heal any living creature.  This will work for all types of healing.  You would listen to the harmonic patterns as you visualize health and removal of all disease.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you