No Charge – Learn How to Open Your Fate Shifting Portal


Origins: Your Personal Source Of Limitless Power
Origins is based on scientific research into the synchronicity of the heart and brain. This research reveals a natural electromagnetic process within the body that is 5,000  more powerful than the human brain (as revealed in a study carried out by the Heart Math Institute).
This program teaches a process that helps to learn how to manifest through what we call the ‘Intention Point’. Your Intention Point is the meeting ground between your heart and your mind, where your belief system lives, and where your gut decisions are made.
To use the Law of Attraction effectively, Origins provides the process to find your Intention Point by leading you through the 4 main stages of letting go, identifying goals, fueling goals, entering your desired state. Working hand in hand with these 4 stages is our ‘Manifestation Addendum’ or Intention Point Accelerator handbook that contains 9 powerful practical techniques for honing in on your core energy.

The Fate Shifting Portal

The Fate Shifting Portal compliments Origins with advanced lessons on the Intention Point.
Each and every customer will have their own agenda with the Law of Attraction therefore this program offers a choice to which path or paths they wish to take on their journey. There are 3 Portals within, focused on; Manifestation, Money Mindset, Health & Wellness.
This program addresses the biggest and most common obstacles to a person manifesting their greatest desires.
Each Portal is broken into small bite sized chunks, designed to maintain attention and inspiration to help anyone progress and manifest at a steady rate – every single day.