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Let’s look at “mental codes.”
Which one of the following seven statements describes you most?

I use words and ideas to influence others.
I tend to leave it to others to come up with ideas.
I prefer traditional or conventional ideas.
I am always jumping to the newest thing or idea.
I organize and label everything! I like to follow procedures.
I can be extraordinarily focused on my own ideas or those of my idol or mentor.
I have an abundance of ideas.

You almost certainly found one of these to be spot on. It’s part of a Code for
what is happening in your life on the “mental” level. Recognizing it and knowing
what to do about it can change your life completely. So the question is…

Which Code is dominant in your life?

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When you find your Mental Code, embrace it. Let it be an everyday strength. It will then be easier to let your soul drive your life instead of everything else dragging you around. That’s living on purpose.