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  • Level 12

    Excellent meditation for centering yourself and encouraging mental stability and clarity.  Known to stimulate the throat/vishuddha chakra and in the body will heal the thyroid, lungs and vocal cords.  This is also a great meditation for helping with learning and study.

  • LEVEL 11

    Very powerful for healing of body, mind/body unity, stimulating for the immunity, valuable in convalescence. Excellent for relaxed alertness and contemplation.  Can help to lower blood pressure and is beneficial for the whole circulatory system.  Known to stimulate the heart/anahata chakra.

  • LEVEL 10

    This is a hugely beneficial meditation.  Enhances the release of serotonin and is a great mood elevator.  Can help with pain, hangovers and jet lag.  Good when trying to get information flow from the subconscious. Stimulates the solar plexus/manipura chakra. Helps to heal the pancreas, stomach, gall bladder and liver.

  • LEVEL 9

    This meditation is associated with a non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, primarily with pleasant inward awareness, body/mind integration, amplifies dowsing, empty-mind states, detachment, daydreams, mind/body integration.  Also used to help prostate problems.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you